Friday, May 22, 2009

Political Impressions 3.0: Political Pettiness amongst the New Administration

I read a long speech (the link is above) by former Vice President, Dick Cheney and afterwards I found myself touched and inspired by his words. The speech is mainly a rebuttal to OUR new presidential administration undermining the actions of OUR previous presidential administration. It was well worth taking the time to read it to the end. It's a little piece of God bless America.

If you are an American concerned about the well-being of OUR NATION, I highly recommend reading it. Whether you are on the left or the right of the argument, it is interesting to see it from the perspective of someone who was on the inside.

On a side note: In my opinion, after reading Cheney’s perspective, it makes the Obama administration look very petty.

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Kayleena said...

Isn't it funny how the least popular politicians are sometimes the most effective and honest, while the wildly popular ones are horribly shallow and not very smart? I applaud Cheney along with our former president, and I am convinced they will go down in history as GOOD men. They were not perfect by any means, but anyone with a mind can tell that they had character and stood for admirable principles. Mike says that it's all about who writes history, which is true, but hopefully there will be lots of people out there willing to write down the truth without media bias.