Friday, November 30, 2007

There's a First Time for Everything

Did you ever notice that a majority of things you do in life you are doing for the first time? First birthday, first car, first baby, first time you baked a cake........It goes on forever. A lot of the time you're just waiting for the next "first" to happen.

I was just thinking about not being experienced in certain things, namely, auto-repair. My car's in the shop and I was thinking, "Man, I am going to get ripped off, because I am just not experienced at this." But, then I started thinking that for most people they are not experienced at this. No matter how many times your car goes into the shop it will be a new problem each time that you do not know about--or perhaps auto standards have changed since you last had your car in.

Then I thought, a lot of life is like this. I keep seeing Alexander experience things for the first time and think how interesting and exciting his life must be. Then I realized that the same is true for me. Even though I have experienced much, still there is much that I am experiencing for the first time. How interesting and exciting life is.

Happy Birthday to me. It's the first time I am twenty-five.