Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bittersweet Life

Said the Robber to Christ, "Remember me, when You come into Your Kingdom."

"While the sinful woman brought oil myth, the disciple came to an agreement with transgressors.
She rejoiced to pour out what was very precious;
he made haste to sell the One who is above all price.
She acknowledged Christ  as Lord;
he severed himself from the Master.
She was set free;
but Judas became the slave of the enemy.
Grievous was his lack of love!
Great was her repentance!
Grant such repentance also to me, O Savior, who has suffered for our sake, and save us."
(Orthos - Holy Wednesday)

This reminded me to not be proud and humble myself in repentance even for the small transgressions.

Easter Basket

The bittersweet beet relish is made.  The pickled eggs representing new life are made.  



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ta Da Part II

Lamb of God

Have mercy on us sinners!

Ten wise and holy virgins are awaiting Christ the Bridegroom, number us among them.

"Why are you slothful, O my wretched soul? Why do you waste your days in thinking of unprofitable cares? Why are you busy with the things that pass away? THE LAST HOUR is at hand and we shall soon be parted from all that is here.  While there is still time return to soberness and cry: I have sinned against You, O my Saviour, do not cut me down like the unfruitful fig tree, but O, Christ, in Your compassion, take pity on me as I call on You in fear; May we not be left outside the bridal chamber of Christ!" (Orthos - Holy Tuesday)

My first, hasty attempt at pysanky.  It's a wooden egg I purchased at Michael's

100_7572100 7574

The butter lambs have been molded and await Easter blessing.  I have one more in the freezer. Three Lambs all together.  I explained to Alex this year why we use a lamb at a symbol of Christ.  He was shocked at the history…I love these awe struck moments in educating my children.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm Going to Paint You a Rainbow

"Mommy, I want to paint a rainbow. I'm going to paint you a rainbow."  And she did.  She was so proud of it. 

100 7531

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ta Da

Lucy likes to say, "Ga, ga, ga," a lot.  It is so cute because it's funny that we have a baby that actually says ga, ga,ga.  When our son Alex was a baby and he cried he actually said, "Waaa, wa, wa, wa, wa."  Babies are so cute and funny.

I have noticed that Lucy is able to mimic sounds pretty well.  Tonight after her diaper change I said to her, "Ta daaa!"  She repeated back to me like this, "Da Daaaa!"  She did it with the same inflection and every thing.  I took her to the next room to Daddy and I said, "Watch this. Lucy can say Ta Da. Lucy, Ta Daaa!"  She said, "Daaaa!"  I guess we can tell her someday her first real word was Ta da. 

100 7554

100 7558

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lucy's making mischief during home school.  She crawls around the table pulls up on the sides and steals papers, crayons and pencils.  When she's bored with us, she proceeds to cry, nay wail.  When we have had enough with her waling, I put her in her crib with toys.  She cries for another ten minutes then either plays or cat naps.  Usually I go get her after a little while and she is much more willing to be quiet once she knows she could have to sit alone.

100 7546

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Sweet Pickle

I have been trying to keep food dyes out of my kids' diets.  I didn't think about the markers.  Annie eats the tip of a marker every time we get them out. What is it about them?  Yes, and obviously this was after she painted her own face yellow.  Love this kid.  She keeps us on our toes.  We think she's going to be just fine in life.  She really takes care of herself.  Last night, at 3:00 a.m. I found her in the fridge trying to get herself some milk.  I used to get myself middle of the night snacks when I was her age.  This is payback.

100 7533