Sunday, July 28, 2013

Consecutive Steps

All my other babies walked early--9 months, 10 months and 10 1/2 months, respectively.  Lucy seems to have taken longer to do everything, including walking.  Physically, she is smaller than the others were.  Also, mentally she has seemed months younger that she is.  Of course, she all within the range of normal.  She is 14 1/2 months old and just began to walk.  This is within the range of normal for walking, except for the fact this is later than anyone in generations of our family history.  This is not to say she is not an intelligent little girl.  It is just to say, we have been waiting with bated anticipation for this event.

Everyone says that as soon as they take off walking we will regret wanting her to walk, because then we have to chase after a toddler.  This may be true.  But, Lucy has been so content walking around this week that it has been a very pleasant week.  Contentment is also my theory as to why she took so long to walk.  Mostly, she is very content. Her siblings keep her very entertained.  Perhaps it is simply not her personality to desire more of the world.