Monday, November 18, 2013

Still a Little Girl

We played outside a while on a cold day.  Then the girls picked some mint leaves from my garden and we went inside and made mint tea.  It was a nice little party.  I hoped it would keep them occupied while I focused on Alex's home school lessons.  The tea party did not last long enough. 

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Then the girls colored together.  They are pretty close friends.  It makes me happy to see them play well together.

After the coloring, Kristiana poured all the girls a bowl of cereal and milk and they happily munched away.  Or course, this made me very nervous, because I was working with Alex in the other room.  I started walking back and forth between rooms checking on them.  Finally, they finished their cereal and I cleaned up bowls.  Except for Kristiana's bowl, because she usually drinks up her milk.  I did not think she was finished, so I left it and went back to Alex.  Annie came with me.  Then Kristiana came.  Annie must have slinked away, because minutes later she came back to our home school room and said, "Mommy, I made a mess."  She spilled the milk all over the kitchen.  Story of my home schooling mommy life.  Lately, it's been like constantly putting out Annie fires.  She has me wanting to quit home school, because I feel I can't both stay on top of her and school my children.  I know this is just a phase--a really long phase, but she will grow out of this. [I had coloring pictures, but through some operator error, I no longer have them.

Lastly, I have been watching lots of ballet TV shows.  I took one year of ballet when I was 6 years old.  Then my mom decided to take me out for whatever reason.  I always longed to dance ballet.  But that is neither here nor there.  When I watch these ballet shows, I feel like I want to stretch and dance and look graceful.  Right now, I would love to put on a leotard, tights and ballet slippers and go to an adult ballet class.  It's such a weird little fantasy, but it sounds fun.  Truthfully, I can hardly stand in first position without almost falling over.  Maybe I should see about going to see a live ballet sometime. 

My favorite dance show of late has been Dance Academy.  It was free on Amazon Prime.  I watched the final season on You Tube.  I loved the ending of this series. 

Yeah, I totally stand in my kitchen pulling ballet moves.  I guess at heart, I'm still a little girl.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Because These Kids Dress Up Everyday

Kristiana changes clothing and dress-up costumes probably 5-7 times a day.  Yes, it drives me a bit mad, because the clothing is never neatly put away.  But, she wore this pumpkin fairy costume the entire week last week.  Well, she did alternate with her blue princess dress.  This pumpkin fairy costume is an 18 month sized costume.  It was supposed to be for Lucy, but Kristiana just had to have it.  It was way too short.  It does not go to her knees as it appears in this illusory photograph.  I made her wear shorts with it.

2013 10 31 18 28 36

Lucy had to borrow the neighbor's costume.  But it was precious and suited her nicely.

2013 10 31 18 13 41

Annie, the middle child, was just happy to be a part of the show.  She was going to be a ballerina, because she received a pretty pink ballet costume for her birthday.  But she really liked the idea of being "Kitty Woman!"  So she recycled Kristiana's costume.

2013 10 31 18 16 20

Alex is a little difficult to nail down for a photo.  He was Batman.  If he had his way, he would be a ninja every year.  But we found this Batman costume at a second hand store for $5.  Batman is pretty close to ninja, right?

2013 10 31 18 39 54

The little girl in the pink monster costume lives across the street and was born on the exact same day as Lucy.

2013 10 31 18 14 42

The neighbor pulled Lucy and her bestie, Kyla in a wagon.  It was perfect, because I could then watch the other little girls carefully.  Lucy mastered trick or treating as soon as folks starting handing her candy.  She had eaten 7 pieces of by the time she arrived home and was drunk on sugar and power.  At one house the whole family sat on the drive with their baby boy in a camping chair.  When the little boy stood up, Lucy planted herself in his chair as though she were going to stay.

2013 10 31 18 42 32