Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Gripe About Coupons

Coupons, I know they have value when you live on a budget, but I have several reasons why they do not work for me:

Coupons are usually for products I do not use, or use rarely.

When it comes to groceries I usually buy a lot of whole foods. They don’t make coupons for tomatoes, zucchinis and cage free chicken eggs. I usually see a lot of boxed dinners and air freshener coupons (go figure, coupon clippers must be stinky people or they wouldn't peddle the coupons).

Further, coupons are usually for brand named products and I usually buy a good quality generic brand. The generic brands are still cheaper than a brand name bought with a coupon. For example, diapers–it is still more expensive to buy pampers or huggies with a coupon than to buy the store brand.

There are a couple of products in my home that are worth getting the top brand with a coupon, for example razors and household cleaners. However, I buy those things infrequently, or I can buy them bulk.

I use coupons on occasion when it is something I use and I happen to have a coupon on hand at the time of purchase. However, my time is already so full I usually do not have time to go hunting for a coupon for a $2.00 tube of toothpaste for which if I then bought three tubes I could get a $0.55 discount via coupon. The time spent hunting for the coupon usually amounts to more than the coupon is worth.

On the other hand, our local grocery prints store coupons when I check out. When purchasing certain products, I may get a coupon for the exact same product like yogurt or toddler snacks. If it is a product I use, it is usually a pretty good deal. However, the drawback is the coupon is often a short term offer and expires before I get to use it.

Coupons expire! Again, I do not have time to keep track of which ones are going to expire.
Perhaps, I do not want to do business with a company that does not pass the savings on to consumers every time I purchase the product.

I have a feeling a few of my reasons may be why a lot of people do not use coupons any more.

I feel better now that that is off my chest.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Here is a picture of our Easter basket. We are missing the Eastern Easter chants.
By death, by death, He conquered death. By death, by death, He conquered death.
And to those in the graves, and to those in the graves.
He granted, He granted, He granted

Monday, April 6, 2009

JBF Sale Waco (Review)

Over the past weekend, I had kind of a BAD EXPERIENCE with the JBF (Just Between Friends) Sale. To start, there was somewhat lack of information pre-sale. I went to the internet and was able to get most of the information I needed, but some of the most vital information was not there, like the process of what will happen when you go to drop stuff off.

This time the owners reduced the amount the consignor receives at the end of the sale. They used to give 70% to the consignor. This time it was 65% and on top of that they charge a $7.00 flat fee for processing. “Hey, y’all I thought that is why you take a percentage!” Further, they have consignor volunteers work the entire event, so they are taking fees and making you do all the work. They do give the volunteers 5% back on their sales, but I am pretty sure that it is hardly worth the 5%, since you have to work in 4 hour shifts.

Depending on how much you sell they take another percentage of it through their processing fee! If you have a lot to sell, this may not be a big deal—you are probably just happy to get rid of your stuff. But, I am not made of money, I don’t have a ton to sell, so it takes a nice chunk out of my sales. I probably would not care about the 65% if they did not take the extra processing fee as well. This time around the $7.00 fee took an additional 22% of my sales! I will not be consigning with them again.

My BIGGEST PROBLEM this year was that most Moms WAY overpriced their goods. I suspect because of the increase in the consignor fee. My approach was to price it at the recommended 1/3 original purchase price,. I did not want it coming home. I discovered in previous sales, if you price it at ½ the purchase price, or put a do not reduce star on it, then it does not sell. So far I have never sold anything with a do not reduce star on it. That does not mean my stuff did not sell on regular sale days. In fact, a majority of my stuff sold at the original price.

I have been able to buy good things at the JBF Sale before, but that was when people priced more sensibly. That is fine if they want to do that. That is the point of a free market right? The long and short of it for me is I SIMPLY WON’T GO ANYMORE, or I will not buy your stuff. I can buy new stuff for similar prices—stuff I know will not wear out quickly, or break. This is a call to moms who do this sale to price things better. Don’t price for the half price sale. I guarantee you will sell more at regular price if you price well.


I have told all my friends that the only reason I keep going for is SHOES. The shoes normally are not priced too high. If they are priced too much, I do not buy them. But, my son goes through shoes so quickly, that it’s a pretty good deal for me. I picked up two pairs for him at the first night presale. They were in really good condition—almost new. If I had bought them in the store, I probably would have spent $50.00 or more (they had characters and lights on them). But, I picked up two pair for $8.00 total. So Moms, keep bringing in those little boy shoes.

I also must say that the vendors were great and their prices were reasonable—especially the lady with the bows. I wish I had picked up a card from her, because I did not get back to buy any bows.

I liked the new location at the convention center. The room was a little difficult to get to.

Each sale is different, so I am hoping my little review will influence the next one to have better prices, and just be better in general. I am definitely not putting my things in it for sale anymore. It is not worth it FOR ME (That’s just a little note to moms who don’t have a lot to put in, or a lot of time. Some people have lots of stuff to put in and a lot of time to prepare their stuff and volunteer). But, I guess I will go back to look at the shoes again.