Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Creative Homemaker

I received two homemade aprons from my friend in the mail yesterday. It was a great surprise. So here is a big. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have always wanted a beautiful apron. The only one I have is made of denim.

I checked out a book out at the library today called The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live it: The Complete Back-to-Basics Guide, by John Seymore. As I began to read it today, I was struck by the following passage. It reminded me of my new aprons, the wonderful woman who made them, and what I aspire to be someday (I am kind of only half this right now).

"A true home should be the container for reviving real hospitality, true culture and conviviality, real fun, solid comfort, and above all, real civilization. And the most creative thing that anybody can do in this world is to make a real home. Indeed, the homemaker is as important as the house, and being a 'housewife' is the most creative, most important job on Earth."

Apron 1: The back of this apron is as cute as the front.
A detail of Apron 1: Teapots and Teacups! (tres jolie)
Apron 2: No detail photo, but is has birds all over it.
Very Cute.


Anne said...

Hey, cute aprons! ;) I'm officially inviting myself over for tea someday and you can serve me in your teapot apron :) LOVE YOU!

Taylor said...

me too! Renee, we need to read that book as well... we should write up our thoughts and share over the bloggosphere

Mrs. Bear said...

Just a friend of Flannery's popping in to say this post is awesome. That book sounds great; I'll have to check it out. God bless!