Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Dirty

These pictures were taken about three weeks ago. Here are some pictures of the kids helping me with my plants. I am really not a green thumb. Yes, I know. Don't laugh too hard when you realize that I am reading a book about self-sufficiency and farming and I cannot even keep a potted plant alive. These plants now look a little yellow and sad. I need to re-pot them. I put too many plants in one pot. I was being cheap because pots are expensive, and now my plants won't grow. At least I know what I did wrong. I am good with animals though.

Here are my little weeds (they grow like weeds anyway):

In Alexander language, "Kissy-Ya-Ya! [a.k.a Kristiana] She's happy."

I know it looks like he is going to eat that dirt, but he didn't do it, for once.
I think he was about to pour soil on his sister's head.

Sasha wanted to plant "Baby Seesher"

Still happy even though she's been planted.
The handy work of the day.


Anne said...

Kissy-yaya!! LOVE IT :) And you don't have to be a green thumb at first--T can help us both with that! We'll take care of the aminals and the making of the food while T (and Andrew?) teach us how to be good gardeners.. Life will be good. Even with potted baby sisters :) hehe

Michelle M. said...

How cute! I love the photos with the dirt dumped on her head. I feel the same way that you do. I am not a green thumb at all but I so want to be able to more self-sustaining. I do so much in that "category" just not the gardening. I am promising myself that I will try next year. I just can't do it pregnant :) We'll see how that goes.

Renee Therese (Towler) Clayton said...

Sure, Andrew will farm with Taylor. Andrew likes working hard and seeing the fruits (literally) of his labor.

Michelle, congrats on your pregnancy. I know pregnancy is hard, but if wanted to garden while pregnant you can. I recommend creating a smaller area to garden and get up early to poke around in the soil before the sun heats things up too much. Last summer when I was pregnant I had to move my daily walk to 6 a.m. to beat the Texas heat.