Thursday, June 11, 2009

King of the Hill on Blogging and Other Wisdom

For a little background, I have always been a fan of the t.v. show "King of the Hill." When we moved to Texas, I introduced the show to my husband. The show reached new levels of funniness for us while living in Texas. Mainly, it is so funny because Hank Hill's family and friends are not caricatures of Texans, but are heavily based in reality. We know people like the characters. Though I think the creators are neglecting the crazy drivers who don't use their signals.

Over the years I have often been struck by the show's snippets of morality, wisdom and quips. Last Sunday, my husband managed to catch another "King of the Hill" classic. The main character, Hank Hill, was introduced to MySpace and blogging at his work. Things got out of hand and Hank flung this little gem at his coworkers. "People shouldn't know your inner thoughts!" That little exclamation was the point of the whole show. It had me laughing, because not only am I guilty of this, but I have also enjoyed reading about others inner thoughts in cyberspace. It's funny because it's true.

My all time favorite Hank Hill wisdom was when his son, Bobby, joined an "alternative" Christian youth group. They sang rock songs about Jesus. They skate boarded for Jesus. The youth group leader made Christian teachings "cool." The leader had a bunch of Christian tattoos. But, Hank did not like his son's involvement in this group. This particular episode is just full of fantastic one liners. But the greatest one occured at the end of the episode. After Hank was successfully able to draw his son away from this group, he took Bobby to the garage to explain why he thought Bobby's chosen form of worship was not right. Hank brought out a box and opened it to show the contents to Bobby. Bobby was surprised. "Hey, there's my old troll doll, and my baseball cards..." It was full of things Bobby didn't play with anymore. Hank said, "Son, I don't want you to put Jesus in this box when your done with this fad." He wanted Bobby to find real Faith, not just something that seems cool, because all the cool people are doing it.

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