Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Painting Poo

Alexander and I painted a BIG picture on Saturday while baby sister was sleeping. It was great fun for us both. I started Alexander off by painting his hand purple and making him put his hand print on the paper. Then it was time to go free style. He did not like "finger" painting so much. After he placed his hand prints, he insisted I wash and dry his hands and give him a paint brush--there will be no uncivilized painting for this young man. Later on he let loose a little bit and decided to paint all the colors onto his hand. Having used all the colors, it turned a nice shade of brown. He stopped and looked at his hand a moment. He looked like he was thinking. Then he held his hand up to me and said,

"Look, Mummy. I painted poo, poo."
Here is our finished product. It's a welcome home banner for Andrew who has been away for a week. And the close up shot is where his poo, poo ended up. :-)


Michelle M. said...

How cute! I have a big roll of paper; so I am definitely going to copy your idea :) I think it would look so cute in Punky's room and we could also make one for Spunky once the baby is born and she moves into her own room.

Anne said...

heheh :) LOVE IT! Brown is one of my favorite colors.. even if it sometimes looks like poo poo! Ha!