Thursday, July 23, 2009

De-clutter-ization of My Mind

I do not know why, but I am feeling a little down and restless. Maybe I am a little disappointed in myself. Kristiana has been waking a lot in the night lately, so I have been really tired. She has had a lot of ear infections. It runs in the family. She is going to have tubes put in her ears, I think. We have an appointment with an E.N.T. We have also had family visiting, which has also changed my regular routine, but it was nice to see them. Because I have been really tired, I have not been getting up in the morning to pray and exercise for a couple of weeks. I have also been drinking way too much coffee to deal with my tiredness and lack of focus. I have not had time to blog to get out the pesky clutter in my mind. I always seem to get a little stressed and glum when I am not keeping up good habits and a regular routine.

This blog will be about the clutter intermingled with some family chronicles.

I have been seeing all these fun things to take pictures of, but either don’t have my camera, or the batteries are dead, or I never get around to downloading them, or I think about taking a picture and then think its awfully conceded to think about taking a picture just because it might be fun to post on my blog. MY BLOG—about ME and MY life. That’s so conceded. Every time I post a blog, I don’t like it to be about myself. I like to give the honor elsewhere. This whole paragraph has been about me, and now I am embarrassed. Anyhow, sorry if you have been looking for fun and interesting posts from Claytonopolis and they have been absent.

There are some things that have been haunting me a lot lately (other than not exercising and praying.) I have been hearing a call to learn icon writing and I have been hearing it louder and louder this summer. Major reasons I have not answered the call are time and money. I would need the tools, which would cost a small fortune. I found four books on amazon that I think would give me enough knowledge to learn this on my own. I could find short stints of time in the evenings and on the weekends to work on this, but not large amounts of time like going to an icon writing workshop. With no time and money this will continue to haunt me daily.


Anne said...

I think I may have already posted this but I can't tell. So I'm going to do it again :Þ

You are very good at writing thorough blog posts. My de-clutter posts are always long and drawn out and usually clutter my mind more as I write them rather than cleansing things.

Anyway, a few things:
1) I get glum when I get off my routine, too (ha--when I even have a routine). Sometimes saying the Jesus prayer helps me gear up for whatever-it-is [note: this does not work for my sleepiness]

2) if K's ears don't get better w/ the tubes, I say go see a naturopath if you can afford it and find a good one. They tend to take a good comprehensive look at the picture to find a solution. Just a thought.

3) TAKE PICTURES AND POST THEM ON YOUR BLOG! for me :) I love looking at your pictures. I go through your album and comment on pictures I've already commented on just because I miss you guys.

4) One of the reasons to have a blog is so that you can share what you're up to with us. Feel free to write about yourself :) We like you!

5) [the real reason I started this comment] If you want to start writing icons, start up a wish list on and put all the icon-writing things you want on there. At least that way you have a goal of what you can get and when (and maybe you'll get some of it as gifts). You learn how to write icons and then you can teach me on our farm. Deal?

6) We love you!

Michelle M. said...

I love reading your blog and learning more about you (and your family). Don't feel guilty if you are posting about yourself. You are a big part of what makes up your family.

I tend the feel the same way that you do when I get off of a schedule. Having people stay with us always stresses me out and changes my routine, which stresses me out more. :) Not that I am very good at it, but saying my morning prayers really does help. I know how difficult it is to get into a routine when children are causing you to lose sleep. I pray that you will start getting some more sleep soon! All my love!