Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Heat!

I received a lot of reply messages to my little global warming rant, which is funny, because it proves my point that the chatter about this gets really heated in the middle of the summer.

Now, I want to point out that I never said whether I personally thought global warming is "real," "man made," or "happening." (Global warming debate buzzwords.) I was simply pointing out that we hear A LOT about it during the summer, and that I heard about a new book on the debate. You always hear about the side that we are undergoing global warming and it is caused by human polution. So I thought it was interesting that there was a new book about the history of weather and warming and cooling trends.

Another point I was trying to make was that most people do not really have the slightest clue about the history of the earth's weather--or even what cause weather patterns. It would be presumptuous to claim to have knowledge about this topic simply because you viewed a documentary, or read a National Geographic article. Yet, lots of people speak as though they are experts on it. In order to be truly informed, scientific training and historical knowledge is needed.

In my opinion (here it is), I do not have a clue, I am not a trained professional on this, and there is very good expert advice from both sides, therefore my understanding of this is as inconclusive as the expert data.

This morning, this article was the headline of the Wall Street Journal, "Texas Scorched by Worst Drought in 50 Years: Crop and Livestock Losses Reach $3.6 Billion, and Tourism Industry Takes a Hit; Meteorologists Predict Relief in the Fall." It was an interesting article, stating the facts and it did not once mention global warming. I applaud this journalist's restraint. However, pray for Texas, because this drought will undoubtedly have a severe effect on the economy, which something no one needs at this point.

Sometimes I think it is my imagination that it is so hot here. But, this confirms it. Andrew and I have finally adjusted to the heat. We no longer gush sweat immediately when we enter the heat from indoor air conditioning. For the first time since we have lived here, Andrew turned the air conditioner down last night and endured slightly warmer temperatures in the house (our electric meter was spinning madly we couldn't even see the needle). Well done, Andrew--he is naturally hot natured and prefers cooler temperatures like the Pacific Northwest. :-)

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