Thursday, July 30, 2009

Save A Tata

Today I helped my boss and friend set up a blog to chronicle her journey to beat breast cancer. The blog is to help her family and friends stay current on the situation, so she doesn’t have to repeat the details 1,000 times.

Janet found out at the beginning of July she has the most aggressive kind of breast cancer. But it should not spread throughout her body and once it’s gone, it should not come back. “The Thing,” as she calls it, is quite large, so she will require lots of chemo therapy.

I have never known anyone close to me who has to go through this, but now I will see it daily. She begins her chemo tomorrow, so say a little prayer for Janet. Pray for her to be strong in what ever way she needs. Pray for her cancer to go away. After chemo she will the tumor removed, or likely have a double mastectomy, but one thing at a time—one day at a time. My job will be to try to pick up the slack at work. I hope I will do a good job.

Here I am trying on one of the wigs she bought for when her hair falls out.
She wanted everyone to try them on for some giggles.


Michelle M. said...

I will pray for Janet. I know how scary it is to watch someone you love go through that. I hope the chemo kills all those terrible cancer cells and that she will be healthy once the treatments are over and done with. Please keep us updated.

Anne said...

St. Jeanette, Pray for us :)
I'm sure she'll be a powerful intercessor at the Throne of God!