Sunday, September 19, 2010

May the Pot Boil Over

          The yard sale is now complete.  It was not quite as successful as I had hoped, but it  was not too hot (Praise be to God), I cleaned out a lot of things we do not use and I made a  small sum.  It was enough to purchase a bike for Alex, which we now hold over his head when he needs a little discipline.  Kristiana did not go empty handed.  She got to pick out a Thomas the train toy, because her brother gets really mad when she tries to use the trains.  She picked out a small purple train that talks and a car to go with.  Of course, Alex was jealous that her trains talk and his don’t, but I told him that he was not to touch her trains.  This is going to be hard for him to stay away. We are working hard on discipline with Alex.  He is a really good kid, but he’s got some bad habits that need to be dealt with.  He has a problem with being self-reliant.  He says, “I can’t” way too often, then whines, cries and has a meltdown.  We took Alex to a karate open house on Saturday and while they teach karate they mostly teach discipline to the little kids.  So, we have decided to go ahead with karate lessons looking on it as really expensive discipline lessons.  But, we figure that we will learn a thing or two as well.  If we can teach our eldest to be disciplined, then even if we cannot financially continue on we hope at least we will have all gained new knowledge of discipline.


          This is the chair that survived the yard sale and the post yard sale trip to Good Will.  I guess we will not need a new chair after all.  I am glad it survived, because we did not make enough to buy any new furniture and this would have only fetched another $15.  Surprisingly, our old VHS movies were a huge hit.  Everyone stopped to look.  So strange.


           Now that the distraction of the yard sale has passed, I am more anxious than ever to see this baby.  It seems as though the day will never come.  How ridiculous am I?  The due date is this week.  I can hardly bear the thought of going a minute past the due date.  My body is most uncomfortable.  I cannot sleep at all, which is also making me unstable and batty.  Today, even though I had hardly slept, I had to keep very busy so as not to fixate on the newborn sized baby inside my body.  And yet, I know the relief I desire from this discomfort shall only be replaced by the tribulations of caring for a newborn…But as my husband told me a week ago, “a watched pot never boils.”  Never?!  No, this pot is going to have to boil over soon!  Pray for me and the grace I need to come through this.

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Michelle M. said...

I'm glad your sale went well and that the kids were able to get some special treats.

I always try to look at my pregnancy from the perspective of a mother who had an early baby. Our oldest spent two weeks in the NICU, so I always try (yes, try!) to be grateful to go full-term. It is a gift to have a fully-developed baby who is ready to be born on his or her own time. But, really, you are so close! She'll be here before you know it :)