Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tot Talk: Come Out Now!

          Kristiana always sits and cuddles with me in the morning.  This morning she patted my belly and said, “Annie.”  I don’t think she knows there is a baby in there.  She has lead me to believe she thinks my belly is called, Annie.  She does the same thing to the lumps on my chest. ;-)

          After Kristiana had her moment with my belly, Alex said to me and said, “Mommy, I want to touch baby Annie.”

          Okay, come over here.” He patted my belly and said,

          “Good morning, Baby Annie, I want you to come out now.”

          Giggles.  You said a mouthful, Son.  I have not been complaining about wanting the baby to be born in front of the kids, but we have been talking about the baby coming out and did tell Alex that she would come out this week.  The anticipation is even getting to the littlest ones.


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Kayleen said...

:) lovely photo.

I agree with the tots - come out now!