Saturday, October 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes: In Between Here and There

1.  I have not posted, because not much noteworthy has been going on. Time is just flying by with the kids—I cannot believe Anne is already three weeks old. Yet, Annie seems older to me.  She’s had to mature quicker than the other kids to have a fighting chance around here.

2. I have not taken any new pictures except for a ladies’ night out, because with three kids, one being a newborn, I am lucky I get dressed before noon each day.

100_30133. Then around 1:30 pm, I feel like crawling back into bed for a nap.  Annie is always happy to  come take a nap too.  Since her birth, I have only gone two days without a nap.  Oh how I wish it were possible everyday.  Some naps have been accidental…Alex working on a puzzle, “I’m just going to lay my head on the table for a couple minutes…” Twenty minutes later, Alex wakes me,

          “Mommy, I hear baby crying.”

4. But I have been trying to get back to life as we know it.  I have been getting up at our usual time and have tried to get a shower and get dressed before the kids wake up!  I am mostly back in the habit of cooking dinner and hand washing dishes afterward.  I ran out of disposable diapers for Kristiana, so she is back into cloth (and I totally prefer cloth—weird, I know).

5.  I took the kids to Eucharistic Adoration two weeks in a row.  Both times the same old lady was there praying the rosary.  The first week I could just hear her inner stew bubbling as Kristiana ran circles around the room, and as I disciplined Alex to sit quietly. This week the lady exited into the main sanctuary to finish her rosary.  I need to sign up for my own hour, so I do not disturb others.

6.  Hmm, the house is a little messy.  I don’t think I am really going to care about that one for another couple of weeks.  My mother-in-law just left and she kept my house picked up for the five full days she was here.  I gave things a good cleaning in between Anne’s visit and M-I-L visit.  It’ll be a few more days before I get squeamish about the mess and a couple of weeks for the dirt and grime. (Now that I have written about, I am sure I will be pulling out the mop bucket this afternoon.)

7.  And finally, since I have been fighting to keep a schedule, I have been struggling to keep “all things Holy.”  It’s hard to get up and pray by myself.  The kids seem to get up either before me or right after me.  It’s hard to get the kids in order, pause and pray morning prayers with them.  I cannot think about reading scripture or my book study…yet, we seem to be able to make it to regularly scheduled outings: karate, the library, MOPS and play dates.  Seems like my priorities are off.


Michelle M. said...

It does sound like you have a lot going on :) As for the morning prayers, some of the best advice Fr. Roman Braga gave me was to just do it when I could in the morning or break it up into short prayers throughout the morning. He said that as a mother of small children, my schedule is dictated by them, so I cannot expect to be able to do prayers as soon as I wake up or as soon as the children do. Just try to do them at some point. I'm glad you are able to get some rest in each day. I found it very hard to get naps in when our third was born, especially since our oldest had stopped napping after our second was born- not fair :) He wasn't even two yet. I hope things continue to go well for you.

Anne said...

T's Mum has a relatively set time for morning prayers. I know it's "easier" when the kids are a bit older and can understand something like "ok, it's 9am--time to say prayers!" but maybe setting a time would work well? Say, after a certain cartoon is over it's prayer time? Alex could get that. Then every day he would know after Sesame Street, we turn off the TV and say prayers.

And I know individual prayer time is important, but I think it's also important to pray w/ kids.. more important, in some ways (to my mind) because you can say individual prayer throughout the day, as Michelle says. Kids need to see prayer :)

Anyway :) miss you! glad to hear things are still going along, even if you don't get as much sleep as you'd like ;)