Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sassy Girl

Sister This is a post all about my sassy little girl. 

          Last night we served the children fish sticks and corn.  The adults had plans to eat a gourmet meal of smothered scallops, asparagus and saffron rice.  I sat with the children as they ate their dinner while my husband worked on the scallops.  Kristiana loves corn but she was only picking at it and she would not touch the fish stick.  Great, another picky eater.  Anyhow, I dismissed her from the table.  Then the adult meal was set on the table and we sat down with our guest.  Kristiana came toddling along, peered up over the table, put her hand on her hip, pointed at the table and in a sassy little manner said, “I want thum.”  (Translation: I want some.) She sat down and helped herself to a big helping of asparagus and a little helping of scallops and rice.  Don’t serve Kristiana the cheap, imitation, kiddie meal.  She wants to be invited to the adults’ table.

          Kristiana has a big personality.  She is not quite 2 years old, but has all the characteristics of a 2 year old.  These days she throws pretty big fits anytime she does not get what she wants.  She likes to pick her own clothes and if we do not put on the clothes she picks, then she throws herself down and starts screaming. 

          She is the only little sister I know who picks on her older brother.  She walks over to him, steals his toys and then runs away giggling hoping he will chase her.  This morning she sat down behind him threw her arms around his waist and tried to drag him over and tackle him.  She tries to pick up her baby sister and walk away with her.  She tries to pick up mommy too.  When Alex goes to karate class, Kristiana runs out on the floor and lines up on a mark just like the other students.

          After bath time, she runs around naked and won’t get dressed.  Daddy tells her if she doesn’t get dressed, she never gets dressed, he will spank her.  She then runs around slapping her bum exclaiming very seriously, “No pank! No pank!”  Which is hilarious and hard to want to spank her.

Mostly, she walks about the house making sassy little exasperations about everything.

(Photo by renidemus)


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Michelle M. said...

She sounds a lot like our little girl. She is a 13 year old in a three year old's body. A lot of what comes out of her mouth is attitude, and she had plenty of it. She is very difficult to discipline because she just doesn't care. Good luck in the coming years :)