Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy All Hallows Eve

I like to keep this holiday Holy, as in not celebrate the pagan traditions.  In an ideal world we would dress up as saints and learn about them.  Since the baby was born, I have been a little pressed for time.  So we cannot dress as saints, because I don’t have time to make costumes and they don’t sell saint costumes in the store.  We can still spend a little extra time learning about saints.  I do not want my family being a part of anything ghoulish or evil.  I know that some people do nothing special to acknowledge the Holy day other than going to church.  However, if we eliminated all traditions that stemmed from pagan origins we would be without a lot of our Christian traditions (likewise a lot of everyday things have Christian origins).  I only recently learned that the Advent wreath has pagan origins.  Therefore, I think if we keep our traditions holy, then it is reasonable for us to celebrate the Holy day.

So now for the fun.  I decided we were going to trunk or treat at our church.  We decorate the trunks and dress up and hand out candy.  Again, ideally we would dress as saints, but I bought some cute (non-evil) costumes the kids love and they have been wearing them for days.  Alex and I painted a big poster of the “Ladder of Divine Ascent” for our trunk decoration.  We only had an hour to do it while Kristiana napped, so we could not paint all the people.  Alex painted Hell and the people in Hell and the people falling off the ladder.  We did this as a home school lesson and he learned about Heaven and Hell.  I thought it was a fitting reminder of how we become saints.

ladder of divine ascent ladder_of_divine_ascent 100_3053100_3057100_3054  Our Littlest AngelAnnie 1month

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anne said...

AHHHH!! what sweet kiddies you have :) what are they? anything specific? they look so adorable. I want to squeeze them!

Glad you had a good evening :) miss you!