Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Hobbits Update

I have been BUSY and sleepy.  I have been working on  stuff for my Mom’s group, an article, an Advent presentation for the church, cooking, cleaning (sorta’), play dates and karate, home school (also sorta’), prayer and good works ;-)  So here is the best photo update I can offer.  I had better schedule an economic (wal-mart), professional photo-shoot.  Especially if I want to send folks some pictures at Christmas.  It’s been really hard going to stores with three kids.  Kristiana is at the runoff with reckless abandon age.  I know people think I am an unfit mother when they find her all by herself on the other side of a building from where her mother is.  She is super fast.  When they ask her where her mommy is, she is fully capable of telling them where I am.  I just don’t know where she is.  She has no fear either. Eek.  Time to pull out that leash? Yeah, maybe.

Annie Bear

annie bear

Sibling Play


Sisters Entertaining Each Other

devoted sister

Sweet Cheeks #3


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Holly Bennett said...

Great pictures! Beautiful kids :)