Saturday, November 20, 2010

Icon Writing With Kids - The Entrance of Blessed Theotokos into the Temple

Copying icons with Alex has helped him to know feasts of the Church, stories from the Bible and Theology.  I have taken icons from about our house and copied them as best I could in the limited time we have during Kristiana’s nap.  I describe the scene or tell the story and then I ask him questions about it as we paint.  And voila, icon writing for kids.  It is a great tool for teaching the faith.

The Entrance of Blessed Theotokos into the Temple





The Wedding at Cana


The Ladder of Divine Ascent

Alex and Kristiana with Christ



priest's wife said...

Beautiful! Where did you find the designs for the beginning of the icons?

Renee Clayton said...
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Renee Clayton said...

The Wedding at Cana and The Kids With Christ, I made up. The Entrance of Blessed Theotokos Icon, I Googled and The Ladder of Divine Ascent, we have hanging in our house. I free hand drew those ones with permanent pen. I used cups to draw the halos.