Monday, November 15, 2010

Tot Talk: I Like Cop-ee

I have had a little trouble keeping up with the blog lately and everything else in life.  I do not remember the last time the kitchen floor was mopped or the sheets were changed.  I cannot determine whether it is due to exhaustion or inefficiency on my part.  Nonetheless, I am behind.  This week I am going to start trying to post pictures and not worry about also having “deep thoughts” to go along with them.

Here is a picture of Kristiana enjoying her morning cup of coffee (a couple ounces of vanilla almond milk and a spot of coffee).  She also insisted upon wearing my shirt today.  She thought she looked like a princess.

On Saturday morning, Kristiana peered over the side table into my coffee cup and said, “Are you all done?” 

“Yes, I am all done.”  She nodded her little head and said,

“Ooh, okay.”  She took a big swig and said, “Mmm, I LIKE cop-ee.”

Just what I need, my high energy child likes coffee.

I like Copy 100_3087

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Kayleen said...

Oh I love her! She obviously loves her mama and wants to be just like you! She sure has a big personality! And I bet she'll love these pictures when she grows up. Just so cute.