Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 Steps for Preparing the Kids for Easter

Caveat: I am not going to profess I am an expert Christian, expert Mom, or expert educator.  But, I always have a lot of thoughts running through my head ready to spill.  Here are some thoughts to share.

I thought of these 7 steps to prepare children for the Easter season.  Since I have tried and failed at teaching many "lessons" I think these steps should be kept simple and should be executed between now and Easter Sunday.  Keep it to 30 minutes of work a day.  This is not overly crafty or overly wordy.  But, feel free to elaborate on it as you see fit.  And if you come up with a good addition to a step, post it in a comment below.

7 Steps to Prepare for Easter

1. A good way to begin is reading the story of the Garden of Eden and the Fall, so that they understand why Jesus died for our sins. (Gen. 3:1-23).
2. Then define Messiah and explain that the Messiah is Jesus.  He was a teacher, minister during his life with us and in the end our Savior.
3. Color Christ's Entrance into Jerusalem prior to Palm Sunday.  Christ entered Jerusalem as a King (Click the picture below and print, or email me for a pdf).
Christs Entrance Into Jerusalem
4. Read the Stations of the Cross and color them.  Explain that Christ's death and suffering heals the sin that Adam and Eve gave to all their descendants in the Fall.  (Here are Extensive Stations of the Cross coloring pages middle of the page, Stations of the Cross reading from Loyola Press).
5. Decorate Easter eggs on Holy Saturday.  Eggs symbolized Christ's Resurrection and our own rebirth into the Eternal Life.
6.  On Holy Saturday or Bright Monday color the Resurrection.  Explain that Christ conquered death (our death) and healed Adam and Eve's sin.  In the image Christ is stepping on the cross (the gates of hell) showing that he conquered death and he is pulling Adam and Eve out of their graves showing that he healed our sin (Click on the picture below and print, or email me for a pdf).
The Resurrection
7. Pray as a family, on Easter or Bright Monday, thanking the Lord for His suffering to make up for our sins and His Resurrection giving us eternal life.


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