Friday, March 2, 2012

Truth and Tenderness

Well, I guess I stirred up some emotions in folks with yesterday's post about homeschooling.  My husband thought it was a pity party post.  That totally was not my intention.  More than anything, this place truly is my log.  It was something I do not want to forget in the future.  These are my life lessons and I want to remember and learn from them.

I felt badly about what happened between Alex and I.  I wondered if my attempts were just too forced.  I think I am going along just swimmingly, coming up with fantastic, creative ideas only to have them shot down, by a five year old no less.  I recognize that there is honesty behind his response despite it's ugliness.  Therefore, what is that truth this child reveals to me?  Moreover, what am I missing in this process?  How many books do I need to read and how many attempts must I make to succeed?  Teaching my child is something I believe in.

But on a lighter note, here are tender moments from the girls.

Now that Annie has learned to smile at the camera, she thinks that pulling funny faces is part of it.  
Check out these silly faces she pulled especially for these pictures.




Kristiana likes to feel she is helping.  Here she is feeding Annie her breakfast - Look at the cute "mommy-face" she is making


Annie and Kristiana are really good at modeling adult behavior and actions.  Kristiana learned to cut up her own apple today.  I helped her with pressure control.  
She skipped watching her afternoon cartoons to come and learn.  It was that exciting and interesting to her.

At Alex's T-ball practice the adults were all yelling, "Go, go, go!" at the tikes running the bases.  Annie thought this was brilliant and started yelling, "Go, go, go!" as well. It was really cute.  Then she kept trying to escape and run the bases as well.  I think she thought it looked like fun and perhaps people yell, "Go!" for her as well.

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priest's wife said...

I think it is REALLY important that we don't hesitate or 'be afraid' of our kids. WE are the moms and are trying our best. Picing my Alex up from preschool lately has been really hard- he cries when he sees me! So I sat him down and said- you can be sad that school is over, I'm glad you like it- but you have to smile when you see me and say I had a great day at school and I am glad I can come back the next school day --- basically I am 'forcing ' a behavior of being polite- his feelings seem to have come along, making him realize that he gets to go back so there is no reason to cry.