Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Kid Klean Scene


Just a little mom-spiration:  As my friend and I visited the other day she mentioned that her sister had six kids and her oldest is nine years old.  I asked her how it was going.  I have been feeling overwhelmed lately with just three kids.  I do not know how older moms get through pregnancies with many more kids.  But anyhow, my friend said her sister does great.  She totally has a Mother's Rule going on and she home schools.  The kids all pitch in around the house and the bathrooms get cleaned everyday--and there was my light bulb.  I like our bathrooms to be clean, but they do not get cleaned as often as I would like.  My kids actually crowd around and desperately want to help when I do clean the bathrooms, but I don't like them to be around the chemicals let alone the bathroom bacteria.  I usually let them each swirl the toilet with the toilet brush so as not to discourage them.  But, why shouldn't I capitalize on this enthusiasm.  So I looked up recipes for natural cleaners.  It's all vinegar, water and borax.  I put them in a basket under the sink in the bathroom.  So they can now clean the bathroom whenever they want or whenever I ask them.

Let's see the like to help cook too.  So I need to teach them to cook.  They also always asks to help vacuum too.  Mommy's plotting, Kids.  All in good time, your motor skills will be sufficient to cook and you will be tall enough to vacuum and I will have that clean orderly house I dream of.

Although, Alex has really matured over the last six months.  He listens well and helps out a lot.  We are really enjoying our big boy.


kayleen said...

That's great! Sounds like you are on the right tract!

It is so important to teach children how to do chores. As they get older it will become more of a discipline, since they probably won't be quite so enthusiastic about it. But if you don't get them trained young, they will fight you through their pre-teen and teenage years.

In our home there were no regular chores. So when my mom would ask one of us to do something we'd throw a fit and only end up helping after nagging and begging. NOT GOOD. So yeah, you are definitely on the right tract to engage them while they are interested. I hope to do the same as my kids get older as well!

kayleen said...

I just realized, I probably meant to say "track" instead of "tract" :)