Monday, March 5, 2012

More Lenten Menus

Here are more Lenten Menu ideas:


Sunday: Steak (we're so low on iron), honey and butter carrots, corn

Monday: Split pea soup and bread

Tuesday: Roast chicken thigh, brown rice and okra

Wednesday: Chickpea Masala, mixed veggies and jasmine rice

Thursday: Pan poached salmon, green beans with bow tie pasta and slivered almonds covered in italian dressing

Friday: Black bean tacos (flour tortilla, black beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, hot sauce and peppers); Kid sub: quesadillas

Saturday: Meatloaf, mash potatoes and oranges


Breakfast: Total cereal (for extra iron), black coffee (still no coffee creamer and it still hurts like the first day of Lent)

Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Chickpea masala


1 comment:

priest's wife said...

how do you make your split pea soup?

Like Mother Like Daughter has a recipe for Spinach with artichoke today that would be good for your low iron...I need to supplement!