Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blog Blocked

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Here is one of the reasons I have not been able to blog as much lately.  If I have any energy left over after the kids go to bed, I have laundry to work on.  Between washing, folding and putting away, I have laundry to care for about five days a week.  Are there any mom's with many young kids who have ideas on how to not be doing laundry all the time?!  I want my free time back!  I know a lot of my friends are just not on top of it.  My house really is not big enough to hide unattended laundry, so I really have to stay on top of it.  Not to mention the icky, smelly things that the kids create that must be washed.  Can I teach a six year old to wash laundry? Probably. I need to put that on my to do list.

Another reason I have not been able to blog is because Annie does not go to bed well.  She does not nap and most nights she tries to stay up and hang with mom and dad. If we do get her to go to bed, whenever she wakes up in the night she comes to our bed. Ugh.  She has been more difficult about sleeping than any of the other kids.  I don't know why.  She used to be so good.  I think she is feeling the squeeze of being a middle child and so she is getting attention and cuddles however she can get it.  

She's awesome. We love her.  If it weren't for the otter kids pointing out the unfairness of her staying up and our desire to watch that zombie T.V. show with all the violence and gore, we would be fine with her staying up and coming to our bed.   She, honestly, is sweet and nonintrusive, because she has our undivided attention.


Holly Bennett said...

I have a cleaning schedule that I follow. My laundry days fall twice a week along with dusting. That is all the cleaning I do on those days unless something urgent comes up. I may pick up toys and such but you won't find me scrubbing bathrooms on laundry day...that falls on other days of the week.

Michael(6) and Kathryn(4)do their own laundry. They take it from the baskets to the washer, move it to the dryer and then put them on hangers and in drawers. To be fair it's fairly easy for them because we have front loading machines and the buttons are easy to reach. I load the soap and put away things on the top shelf once they have put them on hangers.

I am not one who care if their socks are in pretty little rows in the drawer, just as long as they get in there. It might not work so well if you are particular about how things are laid in the drawers.

Kayleena said...

I feel you girl. So. Much. Laundry. I need to get a schedule, too. I am constantly doing laundry. Just got done folding two loads, as a matter of fact.

I like Holly's idea of just doing it twice a week. I should give something like that a shot, though knowing my personality I will probably always just do it when I can/want to/feel like it. I actually enjoy the folding part - just hate putting it away! One day if I have 10 kids I'm going to have one big closet/room for the whole family's clothes. I know of two big families who do that!

Good luck. You're doing great. Sorry about Annie :( We can relate to that over here, too. Josie wants to be babied these days so much, poor sweetheart! But it's tiring!