Monday, December 10, 2012

Fallen Asleep

Tonight we went to Kristiana's ballet show.  It was not a "recital" as the teachers said.  It was just an opportunity for parents to see what the girls do in class.  Well our little darling froze.  She did not move.  Then she was given a helper girl to guide her along and she moved, but she did not do much.  She kept staring blankly into the audience.  My husband was none too pleased to say the least. He asked me how much I paid for the class. ;-) I smirked. Nothing.  But, Kristiana is having a good time.

Everything makes sense. Even though she is our little performer and our little clown, she always tells us, "Tomorrow," when we ask her to perform for others.  It is funny to think that this was Kristiana earlier in the day.

And at ballet she was this little girl--scared as could be.  When we asked her why she did not move, she said she fell asleep. 

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anne said...

aw, sweet thing! She looks darling.. but the video says it's private? can't see it.. miss you all! sending a C'mas package your way soon (i hope--it could end up being an epiphany package!) :P