Friday, December 14, 2012

Look Mom, I'm A Teacher

Every stay-at-home mom feels it every once in a while. "I should get a part-time job."  Lest anyone think I am not pulling my own weight because no one writes me a paycheck.  But, I have physical evidence of my product.  I have students and my students perform on tests. Woot!  My little son is a smart little guy and I cannot take credit for that fact, but I can take credit for a lot of his knowledge.  I know that he would not have learned anything and would not have had the discipline to do so without my help.

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In other home schooling news, our new classroom setup is working out well.  The only complaint I have is that I cannot work on dinner prep or laundry from the classroom.  I have to stay in the classroom and focus on my students.  If I leave to put on a load of laundry, my students do not stay on task.  Typical.  I guess I ought to be focused on the teaching anyway.  

I also made arrangements with my neighbor to watch Annie three days a week while we home school.  Annie continues to be our in to everything, two year old, trouble-maker.  I cannot begrudge her curiosity.  But, it certainly does drive me mad to be running around the house trying to keep her happy and out of trouble.  Going over to the neighbor's house actually seems to help keep her even and she seems more mature.  

One day last week she and Kristiana started playing house in the dog kennel.  I told Kristiana to come out and work on school.  Then I threw blankets and pillows in the dog kennel, and baby dolls.  I told Annie that she was playing house with her babies and if she were tired she should lay down and take a nap.  She played in there long enough to get some school done and keep me sane for a while.  Oh the things the mommy of a toddler will do.  I DO NOT expect to be getting any visits from CPS.  She was not locked in.  She could get out at any point.  This little playhouse idea is no different than a pack-n-play.

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