Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

 Our neighbor made the kids' names in sugar cookies. 

100 7298

100 7294

100 7301

Then the neighbor took pictures for our Christmas card. It's the first year we have sent cards.  Now that we have done it once, hopefully we will continue.

IMG 2398

I made cheese bread for friends and neighbors.  I would have made it for more people, but, you know, I have four little kids all up in my business. I made ten loaves all together.  I was supposed to make twelve.  Christmas is not over yet.  Maybe I will still make them.  We just barely pulled off Holy Supper this year.  Someday, the kids will participate in making Holy Supper and then we will enjoy it's meaning more.

100 7319

Kids enjoying gifts.

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100 7328

Now we have the whole series. It's a family favorite.

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Woooohooo! Now she's cruisin'!  Mommy found an outrageously awesome deal on this bike that fit into our minuscule budget.  Kristiana cracks me up with her tutu skirt and new pink boots.  It was freezing outside.

100 7332

100 7333

Alex received a "lego" table, which also conveniently fit into our budget. ;-) This where he has been quietly playing for three days.  Oh the things he thinks up.

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Christ is born! Glorify Him!

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