Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do You Love Me?

It's funny.  I went to the doctor with my husband today.  He is very sick with tonsillitis.  He needed someone to drive him and remember all the facts of his sickness.  The doctor was surprised my husband had a tube in his ear.  They discussed it and my husband said the date when it was put in.  I interjected that was impossible because I already knew him then and he had it done before then in high school.  He said that it had been replaced that year.  I was shocked.  There was something about my husband I didn't know.  We had been practically attached at the hip from the time we started dating.  How did it get by me that he had his tube replaced?  You would think he would have at least mentioned it when seeing me or talking to me on the phone.  

It just goes to show you learn new things about your spouse every year.  It never gets old, or it at least, it never has to get old.  Your spouse will grow and change over time, so there is always more to know.  Or there are stories from the past you never heard before.  Year after year, we find something new to love about each other.  

Another funny thing, since Andrew has been sick I have been pulling a lot of extra weight around here; and of course my heart is heavy in his suffering; and hoping he will get better.  Last night as his fever climbed he said deleriously, "Well as a Byzantine I guess you never took vows to stay with me in sickness and health.  So I guess you can just walk out now. "  Of course, his comment was in jest.  But, I pointed out in our betrothal it was much greater than mere vows.  It was not some sort of strange modern contract in which if the terms were violated we could walk away.  We were told that we had entered into a bond that could not be undone and in a way that is greater than any vow we could utter to each other.  So, "Do you love me?"  I do not think there is any other choice.  Love is in all that we are and do. ;-)

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Kayleena said...

I love every word of this post. You should write about marriage more often.

Also, that is my very favorite scene/song of Fiddler...