Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lucy's Joy Ride

Lucy had a nine month check-up last week.  She is a smallish baby.  She was 10% on the growth chart, which is the same as Kristiana.  Despite eating as much food as a grown adult at meals, she is still not so big.  Where does she put it all?  I would say she burns it all off with her youthful energy.  But, that is not a true statement.  She sleeps like a champion.  She sleeps twelve hours at night and often takes a three hour nap in the afternoon. With all that sleeping, she can't be burning it off.  At the doctor's appointment, the doctor discovered both her ears were on the border of being infected.  This did not surprise me.  Her nose has been running green for a week.  But, the infection was caught in the nick of time, because it was the next morning that she really started fussing and tugging on her ears.  Since she began taking antibiotics her health and disposition have improved quite a bit and her nose stopped running green.  Good for Lucy. 

She has finally taken an interest in crawling more and pulling-up. It's still timid and slow, but she's doing it.  She has been the slowest of our children to meet this developmental mark, but she also had the benefit of siblings catering to her.  She had no need to go explore. 

Bundle of Joy - And now, Lucy is enjoying her one and only Christmas toy.  I called the toy maker and told them how I misassembled it.  They had me send it back, on their dime, and sent us a new one.  Without further adieu --Lucy's innocent joy for your viewing pleasure. 

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