Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart Art

I am pretty tickled with myself over this Valentine's Day related art.  I had the kids create pictures of animals using only hearts.  We discussed the animals they wanted to draw and brainstormed how to create the animal using hearts.  Then the kids colored in the pictures.

Alex's picture is a lion. I guess he is lion-hearted. Lol.


Kristiana's is supposed to be two hippopotamus.  One in the water and one on the shore of a heart shaped pond, but it is hard to tell by how she colored it.  What can I say.  She is a true artist.  She always has to be on the edge of creativity.


I have plans for more art like this, but it involves paint and there has not been a day yet where I have felt we have time and patience to execute.  Perhaps one day this week we will get to it.

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Kayleena said...

CUTE idea!!

We got your Valentine yesterday :) Thank you! What a great idea. I'm going to try and get something in the mail back to you. Maybe one day, Louisa and Kristiana could be pen pals :)