Thursday, April 18, 2013


Kristiana has been a bit defiant lately.  But she is so funny and loving.  While defiant, I think it stems from her need to define herself and independence…

The other day I let the kids outside to play.  The baby crawled on out with all the other kids.  She likes being outside in the sun.  Baby Lucy was happily playing and I had to run back in to change a load of laundry.  After a few minutes, I heard the baby crying.  Annie had upset her.  Annie bopped her.  So I quickly finished what I was doing.  As I crossed the room she fell silent abruptly.  Sometimes she gets over whatever is bothering her.  But, this silence was a little unnerving.  When I peered out the back door, I found Kristiana had picked up Lucy and brought her to the chair and was talking to her and patting her.  Lucy was sitting there happy and comfortable.  It was a sweet moment.  I ran to get my camera and Lucy began to cry again, because I had walked away.  

What a sweet sister moment.  Thank you, Kristiana. 

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