Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pascha 2013

Well, here are the things that I was able to pause and chronicle during this blessed holiday.

Good Friday - Here is how I kept the girls from putting their fingers in the Pascha Bread dough.  I gave them each a little bowl of flour to play with on the kitchen floor. 

100 7590

100 7591

Easter Eve - I remembered to take a picture of our Easter basket after I assembled it this year.  Unfortunately, we were not able to have it blessed this year because we were invited to a Baptism Easter morning at a church that was not our own…Each year I assemble a mini- Easter basket for our priest.  This year, our priest actually called me to thank me.  I just thought it was special, because after years of making Easter baskets for priests, this was the first time I had been formally thanked.  I never needed gratitude, but it was truly nice to know it was appreciated.

100 7600

100 7601

100 7603

The girls loved the Easter candy.  They set to it with haste.  They were thrilled by the colors.  I managed to find some dye-free candy.  The colors were made with herbs and vegetables.  But, the faux m&m's bore the flavor of herbs as well.  I was a bit put off by it. 

100 7606

100 7610

100 7615

100 7620

Here the girls are feeding the baby candy on Bright Monday.  "Please.  Please stop feeding the baby candy!"

100 7624

Here is what happens when you give a two year old a chocolate bunny.

100 7629

Where is Alex in all these pictures? He's playing computer games…Perhaps we need to re-assess his gaming time. ;-)

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