Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nature Walk

I can only smile about this trip from ear to ear.  After home school this morning, the children and I drove forty minutes to the regional Catholic retreat center.  My moms' group is meeting there this weekend for our annual retreat.  I wanted to scout out a walking path as one of the retreat activities.  I think our nature walk will be a real delight for the ladies attending.  There are signs along the paths that have lines from Psalms.  There is an outdoor Way of the Cross and Way of Light.

The children were not sure about this trip at first.  Alex became very concerned when the car ride lasted longer than fifteen minutes.  Once he became bored with the drive he started saying, "Mom, I changed my mind I want to go home now."  But, then we arrived and the kids looked around at all the beauty and they became very excited.  Immediately, we noticed it was so peaceful.  The grounds are completely covered with trees and brush which block out all the technological chaos of our world.  We took off a long the path and Alex began to read the signs,  "We belong to Him, because He created us." 

"When you enter the gates, you will sing for joy." and so forth.  

We detoured on a path called Psalm XXIII and the words to the psalm were on signs along the path and at the center there was a swing. 

I pointed out interesting things about the nature around us.  And the kids saw a beautiful butterfly up close for the the first time. 

It was a fun little outing.  I think I will have to either go here more often or just go on walks more often.

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Lucy's view from the mai tai carrier.

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