Friday, February 13, 2015

Fish Fridays

I don't think many Catholics know that we are still supposed to participate in fasting every Friday of the year and not just Fridays during Lent.

In the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches we are meant to fast on Wednesdays in reparation for Judas' betrayal and on Fridays in communion with the Passion of Christ.

I think, however, Kristiana is in my court.  She loves fish like I love fish.  Especially, salty, yummy, canned fish.  It's not really a penance if you love it.  I have to sacrifice this luxury as well.

Kristiana begged me to open this can of kippered herring for her.  She then proceeded to scarf it down.  It cracked me up how fast she ate it and how much she loved it. I had to take a picture.

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