Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Not a Baby - My Big Girl, Lucy

When did this little girl grow old enough to play a game between dolls by herself; and use the toilet on her own; and recognize her own name written upon a page.

But she still lets me cradle her like a baby.  I'm pretty sure all my children, including my eight year old boy, still want to be cradled like a baby.

Lately, Lucy has been kissing everyone...a lot. She also kisses a lot of inanimate objects: the wall, the table, the car, toys.  I'm sure this is just a phase, so I wanted to document this sweetness.

Lucy Kissing Her Sister, Kristiana

Lucy Kissing the Wall

But, as you may have noticed, like a typical two year old, she does not wear a lot of clothing.  She keeps taking off her clothes in favor of just a tutu and underwear, or just a swimsuit.  At home, I have stopped fighting it, as long as she has something on and is not totally naked, or else fighting it would be all I was doing.  Of course, I have stressed the importance of clothing in public.  She "got it" after the first time she tried to go out in public in tutu and underwear. 

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