Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tot Talk – Discussing How Babies Are Made

 I burst into tears in front of the kids today. Oops.  Kristiana said, “Guys, mommy is crying.  Mommy why are you crying?” I didn’t know if I could tell them.

“Why are you crying?” said Alex.

Then Kristiana said, “Well, here you just need a big hug.”  She gave me a big hug.

They were all very concerned.  So I told them, “I’m just still very sad about the baby we lost.  I’m sad because we did not get to hold him.”

“Oh.” They all said quietly. 
Remember this Annie snuggle from 4 years ago?

“Don’t worry, mommy.  You can take a pregnant contest some other time!” Kristiana keeps telling me.  She means pregnancy test.

“Okay, Kristiana.”

“When? When can you take the test?” she asked.

“I don’t know.  It takes time to make a baby.  Daddy and I have to make a baby before we can take the test.”

“How? How do you make a baby?”


Annie says, “You can just eat a tiny baby and the baby will go down into your body and grow.”

“No, you don’t eat a tiny baby.  That’s not how babies are made.”

“I know!” Alex chimes in.

“Okay, how?”

“The mommy and daddy kiss a long time and the daddy cells go into the moms body and join with her cells and make a baby inside her.”

“Well that’s close, but it doesn’t happen through kissing.”

“Oh, then how?”

“Well it happens with a special touch that only mommies and daddies can do in private.  And yes, then the daddy cells go into the mommy’s body and join with her cells and make one flesh—make a baby.”

“Do you do it in your closet?” Kristiana exclaimed.


“How will I know how to do it when I’m married?” Asked Alex.

“Don’t worry you will know how by the time you are an adult.”


“Well, Daddy will explain it to you when you are old enough.”

Kristiana pipes up. “I know how babies are made! (pause) God makes babies, and then puts them inside mommies.”

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Mno Hiya Lyta!


priest's wife said...

Kristiana is quite right!
thinking of you...

I love that she calls it a pregnancy 'contest'
My 5 year old says 'secret passageway' for password- I'm not going to correct her

Kayleena said...

I am so sorry for your tears, Renee.
You are good at explaining things though. I feel like my words get much more jumbled than yours. Your kids are lucky to have a mother who is articulate and gentle at the same time. Go you.