Thursday, January 15, 2015

Visiting Family in Australia

I had a nice time visiting with my family in Australia.  My one regret is that it was raining at the beginning of my trip and the end (6 days altogether).  I missed out on some sun and beach time because of it.  So there must be a next time to make up for it. 

Some highlights were getting to bike around Brisbane with my Dad (We rode to the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and Protection of the Mother of Our God Ukrainian Catholic Church.);

Holy Protection of the Mother of Our God had just renovated.  Their icons are really modern, cubist style and did not follow conventional icon coloration

going to Fraser Island with family; 

Lake McKenzie

The only way to get around on a sand island

Crazy, sand road through dense forest

Lake Wabi


visiting with my cousin, Kate, and her family in Toowoomba;

Table Top Hike

shopping with my cousins; 

climbing a ropes course on the Gold Coast (I don't have any pictures of the ropes course, but I do have pictures of the animals I saw there); 

My daughter asked why I had plastic on me.  It was raining ;-)

Wild Lorakeet feeding time

Jast a nap with the 'roos

The infamous Tasmanian devil

and I had a wonderful time chatting away with everyone.  

Cheers to Australia! Mno Hya Lita!

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