Thursday, January 22, 2015

Music Class and More

I brought the kids a little musical instrument from Australia.  I would have brought a full sized didgeridoo if I had thought I could have fit it in my luggage.  I was not going to try to carry it back.  This was our first lesson.  Perhaps, after some time and practice they can all learn how to play the didgeridoo for real.  It's pretty hard.

The kids insisted holding the camera for each other.

Mommy tried it out.  I can make the right sounds.  I do not know how to do circular breathing to keeping the sound going.  I would like to learn.  As I learned, this is one of the oldest wind instruments.

Art Class

I had to post this picture. This is the one and only time I have set two little ones to paint and they did not make a huge disastrous, mess toward the end.  Actually, I am mostly referring to Annie. 

They did not make the rainbow of color into a brown mess.  They did not demand more paint, or for me to draw them something to paint.  They just sat quietly and reflectively, and painted beautiful, baby masterpieces.  It was glorious--absolute heaven in plain view.  

The little girls have been pretty good of late.  They've been playing with each other and taking care of each other and not fighting too often. They have been reading books and playing with puzzles, play dough and dolls.  They might get to paint more often too, if I can trust them to paint nicely.

(Lucy has my reading scowl - Deep in thought)

If only I could get Kristiana to focus.  Yesterday I let her have headphones and music while she was finally able to finish a handwriting assignment she has been working on for a week.  She would do one letter and then she would get distracted and walk away.  I think she is one of those people who has to have her ears, eyes and hands all engaged in order to focus and learn.  I met a few of those types in college. 

Mno Hiya Lyta!

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