Monday, January 26, 2015

Ladybug Picnic

The day was perfectly, warm and sunny.  Accordingly, the kids, the neighbor boy and I had an impromptu trip to the park today.

The boys just sat in a sand pit building great mounds and getting very dirty.  I did not go visit them, because I did not want to cringe at how dirty I knew they were getting.  I just wanted them to have a peaceful, fun time in the sun.

The girls ran everywhere in the park.  Annie was especially attuned to new discovery today.

Annie found a fleet of Ladybugs feasting on aphids in this patch of clover.  There, we found at least 20 -30 ladybugs.

This is definitely a favorite picture of Annie

I just liked the contrast of the red against the green.  
Annie was trying to get the ladybug to crawl on her finger.

After finding ladybugs, they ran after a yellow butterfly.

Lucy and Annie played together a lot

Here they are playing frog hopping

Here is a tender moment between sisters.  Annie is sharing her boots with her little sister.  A couple months ago these two were so jealous of each other they could hardly go a minute with out hitting or yelling.  But we all worked on it and lately they have been best friends.  Annie has really taken the initiative to look after Lucy and share with her.  Lucy is sweet, but she will make sure she gets hers. I guess Annie being nicer made Lucy feel less competitive.

A couple of weeks ago Kristiana asked me why I wanted to home school her.  In a simplified way, I told her that I wanted her to learn and live her faith, which is something she could not do all day at school. Also I wanted to her and her siblings to be close, each others' friends.  She responded,
          "Well Mommy, that's my problem.  That's why I can't get my school work done, because I AM friends with my siblings and I just want to play with them."

Mission accomplished. Mno Hiya Lyta!

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Kayleena said...

I really enjoyed all these lovely photos. Such a fun image; a ladybug picnic. So much sweetness.