Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Assistant Iconographers

Here are my assistants preparing my icon boards.  They were so good.  They did not do a good job by iconography standards.  But I was able to smooth it over at the end.  It was a good quiet reflective activity for these little girls.  They were both quite happy during.  I am happy I was able to share this with them.

It's that time of year again when I plan some icons to write.  In the summer we travel, in the fall it's all about finding a rhythm to home school, and reconnecting with friends.  The spring has become icon time.  Which is fitting because Great Lent is also during this time and it is a good excuse to pray and meditate on such mysteries.

I know what my small icons will be.  I am writing namesake icons for my children.

However, I am also writing an icon for my sister's upcoming wedding in [gulp] six weeks and I do not know what to write for them.  I would like to do the Wedding at Cana, but, I do not feel I have enough time to do that properly.  Although, no one said the gift had to arrive at the time of the wedding, so I may still do this icon.

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priest's wife said...

so sweet! They will grow up to be icon masters