Thursday, December 24, 2009

And the Word Was Made Flesh

100_1763  We spent all day making traditional Byzantine meatless Christmas Eve dishes to prepare our souls for the birth of our Lord.  It was intense. I did not sit down or stop cooking all day. Wow! My mother-in-law kept on cleaning up dishes after me all day long. I couldn’t have down it with out her. I don’t think that making all of it in one day was a good idea, but I didn’t have time to do it any other time.

What we made: Kolache (braided bread), Poppy seed bread roll, cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, pyrohy (potato dumpling), prunes and mixed dried fruit, green beans, saute mushrooms, mashed potatoes and stuffed salmon.

100_1774100_1768 100_1772 100_1776
My favorite thing was the poppy seed bread roll.  The kids were pretty well behaved all day and even helped at times.

Yesterday, we made some crafts.  I came up with this little craft for our Christmas table. 100_1779Later in the evening I watched “The Nativity Story” for the first time. I liked it, but I think there were some parts that were really poorly done. Nevertheless, it’s the only feature length film that is about the first Christmas, the Nativity of our Lord.  Anytime I read, see, learn pray about Mary, Blessed Theotokos, I always am deeply stirred.  The only thing I can think is that she was the most pure human who was not also God.  That really hits me. It’s proof to me that anything under God is possible.
I’d like to think of something awe-inspiring to commemorate the birth of our Lord to post, but I am exhausted and I am going to spend the next couple days just enjoying family and focusing on these Holy days. Much love to you and your family and peace on Earth.

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Michelle M. said...

Yum! We did something very similar. It was a lot of fun to prepare it all.