Friday, December 4, 2009

Kristiana's Very First Year

One year ago today our little girl was born. 
Kristiana walks and talks (a little).  She says Mama, Dada and Al-la (for Alex). She says ball and uh-oh. 
She likes table food better than mush.
She is good at screaming very loudly when she is unhappy.
I am not sure if she is a Tomboy, or just an adoring little sister.  She loves all of Alexander's toys and hates dolls and girly things. But, she also likes following Alex around and doing what he does, so it's hard to tell.

Birthday shoes from Auntie Sarah

All bundled up


Anne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIANA! :) You're such a sweet little girl and we love you very much!

Keep your parents in line, young lady ;)

Michelle M. said...

happy Birthday to your beautiful little lady :)