Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Seasonal Decorating


Alex and I made this house at the church tonight.
Alex ate candy. I decorated the house.
Then Alex burned off his sugar high chasing around other little boys his age.
Meeting with friends made the event worth while.
Although, next year I may do this at home instead.

Side Note: I have been busy lately. I like being busy, but I haven’t taken time to think and pray. Hence, there’s been less posting. But, pray for me that I can get back on track and do good things with my mind and good actions in my home and community. “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on my a sinner.


Anne said...

That's awesome! I love the gumdrop pathway.. is this what your hobbit house will look like on our farm? :D

Michelle M. said...

I can relate! With all the sickness and now the catch up, I haven't been praying.. besides the hundreds of Jesus prayers that I was doing while we were all sick and praying with the kiddos. I having a hard time actually getting some prayer time in for just myself. And now I am blogging... priorities??