Friday, December 4, 2009

Beauty in Suffering

The other night I had a brief, angst filled dream of pain and suffering. At every turn I saw or experienced pain and suffering.  I could not escape. I was lost. Everyone about me were confused and sad—toiling in their pain. All I wanted to do was to tell everyone that this is no way to live out their suffering.  But, I was mute.  Then as hot, aching tears streamed from my eyes I could hear a beautiful poem.  It was my own voice, but I was not saying it.  I cannot remember it all now, but it went something like this:

“You say your suffering is for naught.
Truly if you say it is for naught, then that is what it will be.
There are others who suffer more than you
and live their suffering with love for Thee.

For in their hearts suffering, trials and tribulations, are gifts from God—an opportunity like no other to step closer to the Lord—to be bathed in His love.

If you suffer with a pure heart, your suffering will not feel like pain, but will be like a moment to rest in the warm embrace of the Lord.

So, “gird your loins,” and turn to the Lord.
Do not ask Him why you must endure this suffering, but pray that it may be offered in communion with the Passion of Christ, that sins may be forgiven and you may be bound to eternal life.

The Beauty of suffering is that it will bring you to the love of the Lord so long as you do not turn away.”

…and then I woke up.

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Anne said...

amazing. i could spend years reading and rereading that poem :)

thanks for sharing.

miss you!