Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. Nicholas Day

100_1704We had a little party for St. Nicholas’ Feast today, but I forgot to take pictures of the kids enjoying.  So these are the pictures I took before and after the party. The children learned about St. Nicholas at the party, then they colored pictures and ate cookies and finally St. Nicholas visited and left them each a small gift of clementines, bells, whistles, candy and a St. Nicholas ornament ( The children each brought a gift to donate to less fortunate children. (Side story--see below.)

Alexander helped me make my first batch of sugar cookies (first as in I have never made sugar cookies before). The decorating part was more labor intensive than I would have liked, but they turned out well. Then Alex could not go to the party because he had a little stomach bug. But, Kristiana went and I think that she enjoyed it the most of anyone. ;-)


Side Story – On Saturday, the Marines were outside Wal-mart in nice dress uniforms with a box for Toy for Tots. I, like any woman, love a man in uniform, and I know children like fancy uniforms too.  So, I took this for a teaching moment. I asked Alexander to look in the box and see the toys. I told him that he was going to go in the store and pick out a toy he wanted and he was going to put it in the box to give to another child. He liked the idea of picking out a toy, but not that he had to give it away.  I was very fearful of an impending meltdown, so as we picked the toy I told Alex over and over again that he was going to give it to another child.  When we left the store and it was time to put the toy in the box, I gave it to Alex, and told him to put it in the box. He took it and walked over to the box and tipped it in.  The marines cheered for Alex and we went on our way merrily.  I guess you had to have been there.  The chorus of men cheering for the little boy was so spontaneous, and I think it made it an happy, memorable event.

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Anne said...

1) I want your son to help in MY kitchen--he's way cute.

2) I love your sugar cookies! They're beautiful! what recipe did you use?

3) I love the way you color :)

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