Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Because Childhood Should be Magical

Here are the murals in the girls room.  I imagined it more elaborate with green vine borders and flowers around the doors and window, but this took forever and was difficult because we have a lot of texture on our walls.  As it is, I still have some highlighting to do.  But, I am all burnt out now and I don’t think I can be an attentive parent if I do anymore for now.  (This is the color my kitchen was supposed to be.)

This is Kristiana’s side of the room.  She’s my tinker princess.



This this is Annie’s side of the room (that is when she finally moves in). 
She’s the beautiful humble princess.






anne said...

AHH!!!! I love it! Well done :) you are amazingly talented! will you do a mural in my hobbit hole someday? :)

priest's wife said...

beautiful- you are so creative!