Monday, March 14, 2011

Tot Talk: Just Ask Kristiana

kkSo we lost a credit card the other day.  We knew it was in the house.  I had borrowed the credit card from Andrew to purchase some books on the Amazon website.  Then I handed to Alex and asked him to take it back to Daddy.  That is the last time the adults saw the credit card.  The next day we asked Alex where the credit card was and he confidently exclaimed that he had put it on the high counter for Daddy.  This was a plausible answer.  I remember seeing it there.  But, where was the card now.  We looked in all the likely places—the office, the playroom, in the sofa cushions—nothing. 

Today, when Andrew came home from work, he asked if we had found the card.  “No Honey, and Alex is insistent that he put it on the high counter. So we will have to cancel it to be safe.”  Then Andrew asked if I had questioned Kristiana. 

“Oh well, I guess I could. Maybe she knows where it is.”

I was not feeling too hopeful.  I have been having trouble understanding her lately as her vocabulary expands, but her enunciation does not.

“Kristiana, do you know where the blue credit card is?”

“It in da t.d.”

“Uh, okay?”

So, I walked over to the t.v. and started shifting the t.v. pedestal around.  No card yet.  Then I got down on my knees and low and behold, shoved underneath the pedestal between the cabinet door latches was the card.

No, we were not angry with her at all for shoving it in there.  We were happy she told us where it was.  She was just precious when she told us.  The irresponsible adults need to put important things away properly.  It’s funny how little kids seem so out of it at times, yet they are totally on top of their game at other times.

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