Monday, March 21, 2011

Pure Laundry

It turns out that today was a perfect day for the dryer to die, not that I wanted my dryer to die!  I am 100% sure that it can be fixed.  I am not in the least bit happy that I will have to pay to have it fixed.  But, I only had two loads of laundry to finish, so I pulled out the trusty clothesline.  I really like hanging things on the clothesline, I just was not at all prepared to do so.  I had A LOT to do today and I only completed half of my list.  What made this all so much harder was that the kids were really on their game today.  Every once in a while the kids do not mind at all.  Alex did not do anything I asked the first time.  Asking five times and then coercing him into order wears on me severely.  Right before nap Kristiana pooped on the floor in the playroom.  Yeah, real cute, K-dawg.  Then she did not nap, but she did stay in her room for an hour.  Then she joined Alex and I for the reading lesson.  All day long I kept repeating to myself “Come on, Renee, don’t give up.  You can do it.”  Yeah, I really wanted to throw in the towel today (uh, pardon the laundry pun); call a sitter; pour a drink; draw a bath; and sink in for a soak.

Speaking of throwing in the towel, I have been thinking a lot about Mother Teresa lately even though I have not been reading her book lately.  I have been thinking about how she did not give up on all the hard work she did, and how she did not give up on her vows to God.  It is hard to believe that a woman who was adamant about doing SMALL acts with great love, did so many great things.  To me her vows seem unfathomably difficult.  I fear making any vows outside those the Church beckons me to keep.  I fear that if I were to invent a vow for myself, I would not keep it.  Perhaps Mother Teresa did not invent these vows, but was hearkened by the Holy Spirit.  


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